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About Us

Since its inception in 1982, Australian Hunters International Inc. has worked to excel in the areas of Conservation Hunting, sustainable utilisation, ethics and trophy hunting. We support and promote conservation and herd improvement through the implementation of game management principles combined with respect for our environment and fellow land users are core AHI values.

The club holds these values, that are instilled in the individual as a result of ethical behaviour, in the highest esteem and actively promotes the principles of fair chase and free range hunting.


From the outset, AHI has sought to represent its members, hunters and hunting in general in the best possible light. We provide financial and physical support to political and community based organisations that seek benefit the hunter, the hunted and the wild places of the world that hunters love to visit and value.



Above all AHI is a club run for hunting, by hunters, with a passion, dedication and love of the outdoors.


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Although we are located in Sydney, Australia, we were once a "chapter" of the American Safari Club International. In 2002 the leadership made the only logical call to split off from the partnership that was not fair for Australian members. This history explains why AHI uses the lion's head as our logo.


Today, we stand proud of this past and we acknowledge the work of past committee members and presidents. 


Our club is also proud to support Robert Borsak's team at the Shooters Fishers and Farmers party, the only true representative force in NSW for shooters, hunters and fisherman alike. 


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  • Network with other likeminded hunters

  • Hunting-related training and guest speakers

  • Refresher training on the law and safety, first aid 

  • Pre-hunt education, where, what to take, what time of year,

  • Post-hunt  how to prepare your food, make sausages, steaks recipes etc

  • Go on group hunts, make new friends

  • Learn to shoot and hunt more effectively

  • Public Liability Insurance upto $20 million in respect to injury, damage and or advertising injury

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